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Ways of Cutting down Fat

Posted by Asghar in Diet at June 06, 2010

Ways of Cutting down Fat

Besides having a reduced fat content overall, the recipes generally use olive oil, but occasionally other fats are used. Polyunsaturated vegetable oils or virtually tasteless corn oil, for example are used in desserts, cakes and biscuits. Sesame’s flavour is welcome in stir-fries, walnut oil is delicious in salads, and butter (used only in small quantities) that a particular creamy taste that improves delicate sauces.

Dishes are kept low in fat by skilful adaptation of ingredients, as well as by reducing quantities. For example, low-fat yoghurt replaces egg yolk and oil to make a thick salad dressing. Skimmed or semi-skimmed milk replaces full-fat milk in sauces, puddings, pancakes and other dishes.

Helpings of red meat are smaller than some people may be used to because the meat contains invisible fat even after all you can wee has been trimmed off. Poultry and game helpings are larger because their flesh is lower in fat – but the skin is not low in fat and where the skin is left on to keep the meat moist during cooking, there is a reminder to remove the skin before serving or before eating.

Cheese is prudently reduced to keep down the saturated fat, but its flavour and protein make cheese invaluable. In some dishes, reduced-fat. Cheddar is used, in some a small amount of high-flavour mature cheese is the choice, while in others low-fat cottage cheese, from age fraise and quark (made from skimmed milk) are used.

There is o deep-frying in this book, but the benefits frying offers – sealing in the juices of food and enhancing its flavour – are achieved by browning or lightly tossing food in a small amount of oil. The Chinese method of stir-frying with a small amount of oil is also use.

Scares about cholesterol from egg yolks have subsided; the cholesterol level in blood does not result solely from the diet. The body makes cholesterol independently of what is eaten. The most people, keeping down saturated fat will control cholesterol. Medical treatments will help anyone whose body produces excess cholesterol.

The recipes include desserts, biscuits, cakes, party snacks and some brunch dishes which have been adapted to reduce saturated fat and make healthier snacks than crisps, biscuits, cakes and ice-creams. Some special-occasion dishes have a total fat content higher than the norm, but it is expected that such items will not be eaten often.