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Vitamins and Minerals

Posted by Asghar in Diet at July 03, 2010

Vitamins and Minerals

A varied diet gives most people all the vitamins and minerals they need. Vegetarians and vegans need to take care to get enough vitamin B12, which most people get from meat. Alternative sources are egg yolk, milk, cheese, and yeast extract supplemented with B12.

Vitamin pills containing vitamin D and nicotinic acid can have serious effect if taken in excess. An increase of vitamin A in liver has occurred, from supplements in the feed for livestock, it is thought. Pregnant women are advised against eating live since there is a small risk to the unborn child from a high intake of vitamin A.

A much more frequent occurrence is the loss of minerals and vitamins by keeping or cooking freshest ensures the highest vitamin content.

Frozen vegetables and fruits are processed quickly after gathering and retain their vitamins; indeed, they contain all the nutrients of fresh vegetables.

Only their texture is different; they lose the distinctive crispness of fresh vegetable.

You should eat fruits and vegetables as often as possible, and when cooking them, do so for the shortest possible time. To retain the nutrients in vegetables, steam them, stir-fry them, bake them, or sauté them in a minimum of oil. When you cook meat in a casserole, cook the vegetables with it. Adding those that need short cooking for the last few minutes. When you do boil vegetables, use as little water as possible and do not throw it away but add it to stock, soup or sauces.

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