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Keeping a Check on Protein

Posted by Asghar in Diet at June 27, 2010

Keeping a Check on Protein

The main –course recipes all contain an adequate amount of good quality protein. The focus in creating the recipes has been to avoid excessive amounts of protein which will simply be turned into body fat. For red meat, the suggested serving is 4oz 9115g). it is better to move away from serving large slabs of meat and make the most of the smaller, but adequate, 4oz by cutting it into fine strips or slicing it thinly. In fact, 4oz of meat is not all that small a helping. It takes quite a large lamb or pork chop to provide 4oz of meat after trimming away all the fat. And although a 4oz steak may look small, the same weight of lean roast beef, cold and thinly sliced, looks a much more ample helping.

Poultry and game, which are lower in fat, are used in larger amounts of about 6oz (175g).

White fish provides high-quality protein while being particularly low in fat, and oily fish (generally fish with darker flesh) contains particular types of polyunsaturated oils that help to improve the balance of fats in the blood.

It is easy to get enough protein without eating meat or fish; eggs are another source of high-quality protein. If you do not want to eat meat, fish or eggs, you can get high-quality protein from low-fat cheeses, low-fat yoghurts and skimmed or semi- skimmed milk. Without eating any protein from animal source you will still get enough protein from plants if you combine pulses with grains, cereals or nuts.